*Prices starting at $995!

*Standard Roof Only (14 Gauge) 12’W x 20′ L x 6′ H

  • RV carport
  • custom steel buildings
  • a frame garage
  • roll up doors for sheds
  • a frame horizontal roof carport
  • Standard Roofs
  • custom metal garages
  • ready made carports

Customer is responsible for fees and work related costs such as permit fees, plot maps, deposits, getting permits, extra equipment fees, and other metal building costs.  Please ask for information when you speak with our sales team.  

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Protect your vehicles from the elements!

If you need a metal structure for your property, we have the perfect products for you!

roll up shed cooper carports (1)

Our Shed Units are the perfect addition to any backyard. You can pick one of our Ready Made options or give us your specifications and we’ll create a unit made to order. You can also add a porch to your shed.

white garage cooper landscape (1)

Our garages come in various sizes, layouts and configurations. We offer the traditional Hexagon style building, an A-Frame Residential Style buildings or our standard garage to offer a different look. Pick from various colors, door, window and gable configuration to fit your custom needs.

Highly Recommended To Go Vertical For 35′ & Longer To Avoid Leaking

"We go the extra mile."

carports single (1)

Our Carports come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Mix and match the roof, sides, ends, and trim colors. We can customize an open carport to fit all of your everyday storage needs. Let us put your designs and imaginations into a reality today.

red barn cooper landscape (1)

Our Barns are ideal for most farm applications. Use them to store all your equipment, store hay, straw or even house your farm animals. We can configure these buildings in a variety of configurations to meet your exact requirements.


Use your metal buildings to house and place modern solar solutions.
  • Use the space of your structure to place solar panels instead of using your house roof.
  • Use solar energy to lower the cost of fast rising power bills.
  • Your structure doubles as storage and a way to place your solar solutions!


Need inspiration?  Call us at 530-894-1031 and we can help you build your metal carports or building!

eclosed sides red wainscoted carport

Find ready made carports near you today!

Why Choose Us

We exceed our customer's expectations.

Engineer Certified
Warranty Included


How long will it take for my steel structure to be assembled?

Standard buildings are assembled in about an hour but it may take up to two days depending upon the size and type of structure.

How long will it take to get my carport delivered after I place an order?

Delivery usually takes 2-4 weeks upon the date the order is received from the dealer.

What are the dimensions of the carport outside to outside?

Width x Length x Height (ex. 18 x 21 x 5). Length dimension is measured by the roof metal with 6″ overhang on each end. Therefore, the bottom base rail is one foot shorter than the roof. Width is measured from outside base rail to the other outside base rail.

What size do I need to make the concrete pad?

Once an order is placed and the 10% down payment is received you are eligible for a set of engineered certified plans that will give you the recommendation for your concrete pad.

How much adjustment do you have to level your carport?

You have about 2-3 inches to work with.

Why should I consider a vertical roof versus a horizontal roof?

 The vertical roof lets water, snow, etc. run off quickly and does not let it pond up on the roof.

Can you add to a carport after it is already installed?

Yes. There will be an extra service charge. The original carport must be an American Steel Carport. In order to add walk-in or overhead or roll-up doors, the original carport must be 6 feet or taller.

What is the pitch in the center of the carport?

 Pitch on the roof is 3/2 & 4/12, but the pitch can be customized to fit your needs.

What types of anchors do you have?

3 foot temporary pin anchors for ground, clay or asphalt installation (not responsible if you choose pin anchors only). Double helix mobil home anchors for ground and clay installation only (extra cost). Concrete anchors for concrete installation only (extra cost).

Do I need a permit?

You need to contact your local building department.

Does color affect my price?

You can choose a different color top, trim, sides and ends at no additional charge from our standard 12 color choices.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept personal or cashier’s checks, money order, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and Paypal.

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Pricing Starts at $995!

For standard roof only.  (14 Gauge) 12′ W x 20′ L x 6′ H 

12 Gauge
12x20 $1,200
12x25 $1,625
12x30 $1,990
12x35 $2,290
12x40 $2,650
12x45 $2,955
12x50 $3,320
12 Gauge
18x20 $1,375
18x25 $1,805
18x30 $2,175
18x35 $2,530
18x40 $2,890
18x45 $2,255
18x50 $3,615
12 Gauge
20x20 $1,805
20x25 $2,230
20x30 $2,715
20x35 $3,135
20x40 $3,615
20x45 $4,040
20x50 $4,525
12 Gauge
22x20 $2.045
22x25 $2,530
22x30 $3,075
22x35 $3,560
22x40 $4,100
22x45 $4,585
22x50 $5,130
12 Gauge
24x20 $2,290
24x25 $2,835
24x30 $3,440
24x35 $3,980
24x40 $4,585
24x45 $5,130
24x50 $5,735
12 Gauge
26x20 $2,640
26x25 $3,330
26x30 $4,020
26x35 $4,650
26x40 $5,285
26x45 $5,975
26x50 $6,665
12 Gauge
28x20 $2,870
28x25 $3,675
28x30 $4,305
28x35 $4,995
28x40 $5,745
28x45 $6,435
28x50 $7,180
12 Gauge
30x20 $3,100
30x25 $3,845
30x30 $4,650
30x35 $5,400
30x40 $6,205
30x45 $6,950
30x50 $7,755


Delivery and installation on flat and leveled land (no slope).  Units installed on unleveled ground will have spacing between base rail and ground.  Cooper Carports is not responsible for any spacing being filled, or ground work being done.  If extra work is needed due to ground being unleveled more than 3″, an extra charge will incur.  

14 Gauge
12x20 $995
12x25 $1,385
12x30 $1,625
12x35 $1,870
12x40 $2,170
12x45 $2,140
12x50 $2,175
14 Gauge
18x20 $1,095
18x25 $1,505
18x30 $1,805
18x35 $2,110
18x40 $2,140
18x45 $2,715
18x50 $3,015
14 Gauge
20x20 $1,385
20x25 $1,750
20x30 $2,110
20x35 $2,410
20x40 $2,770
20x45 $3,135
20x50 $3,495
14 Gauge
22x20 $1,685
22x25 $2,110
22x30 $2,530
22x35 $2,955
22x40 $2,375
22x45 $3,800
22x50 $4,220
14 Gauge
24x20 $1,925
24x25 $2,410
24x30 $2,890
24x35 $3,375
24x40 $3,860
24x45 $4,340
24x50 $4,825
14 Gauge
26x20 $2,410
26x25 $2,985
26x30 $3,615
26x35 $4,190
26x40 $4,825
26x45 $5,400
26x50 $6,030
14 Gauge
28x20 $2,640
28x25 $3,270
28x30 $3,960
28x35 $4,595
28x40 $5,285
28x45 $5,915
28x50 $6,605
14 Gauge
30x20 $2,870
30x25 $3,560
30x30 $4,305
30x35 $4,995
30x40 $5,745
30x45 $6,435
30x50 $7,180

We offer 12 different color options that you can choose from, making it easier to match the surroundings. Our panels are 29 gauge steel. They are available in standard lengths of 21′, 26′ and 31′.

Cooper Carports is a dealer for American Steel Inc. American Steel Inc. Your rights and responsibilities as the purchaser of an American Steel Inc. building is outlined on the back page of your contract. Buyers agree to indemnify and hold harmless Cooper Carports for any act by American Steel Inc. and/or the customer before, during and after the construction of your steel building. Coopers Carports accepts no liability whatsoever. All results of work performed by American Steel Inc. is between the customer and American Steel Inc. Any disputes must be settled directly with the manufacturer and builder American Steel Inc. Cooper Carports will make phone numbers and addresses available to the customer upon request.